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Did you know that a house can last indefinitely if constructed properly and maintained? Simply maintaining the roof, siding, gutters, and foundation can help keep a house in tip top shape.

If a house is neglected over time, it can become beyond repair. The only solution for these old houses is demolition, as they can become unfit for human habitation.

A+ Enterprises is a licensed & insured demolition contractor that provides demolition services to the greater Scranton/Wilkes-Barre areas in Pennsylvania.

Guide To Demolishing A House

While the process of demolishing a house sounds simple and straightforward, it is not. There are many variables that must be taken into account such as nearby structures, asbestos, etc. In addition, the operator of the machine must be extremely skilled to have complete control over the machine to demolish the structure.

Some things we don’t go over in this guide are the acquisition of permits, utility disconnects, and asbestos testing.

This guide is for informational purposes only and is not recommended that anybody follow this advice.

House Demolition Steps

  1. Assess the property for nearby structures & hazardous materials
  2. Calculate the amount of dumpsters needed & the right sized excavator for the job
  3. Begin demolishing the structure
  4. Grind up debris & separate recyclable materials
  5. Load up dumpsters & clean up all debris
  6. Remove the house foundation
  7. Backfill the foundation & final grading

Assess The Property & Order Dumpsters

The first step in demolishing any type of structure is to assess the property. You must take note of any nearby structures, overhead lines, and any other access restrictions. In addition, take note of the size & height of the property.

By taking all of these variables into consideration, you will be able to select the right-sized machine & game plan to continue with the demolition project.

Next, you will need to calculate the correct amount of dumpsters needed to load with the demolition debris. Most houses range between 4-8 40 cubic yard dumpsters depending on the size of the house and the contents inside them. It is important to find a reliable dumpster company that will work with your schedule to ensure the dumpsters are being swapped out consistently.

The Demolition Process Begins!

Demolish A House in Kingston, Pennsylvania
Demolition Contractor in Scranton/Wilkes-Barre Areas

Now that everything is calculated & ordered, it is time to begin demolishing the structure. Have one employee use a hose to spray down the area you will be working. Make sure the employee is wearing a hard hat and is standing a safe distance away. The water is essential for dust control.

Begin tearing into the house with the excavator, taking small bites at the structure. This will help the house stay structurally sound, instead of collapsing onto itself. As you continue to tear into the house, keep in mind the way the house leans and moves and adjust your process accordingly.

There is a certain amount of faith the operator needs to have in his abilities & control over the excavator. The operator needs to be confident and have complete control over every aspect of the machine. One wrong move and the entire demolition can go haywire.

Load Up & Remove Debris

How To Demolish A House in Scranton, Pennsylvania
Demolition Contractor in Scranton, PA

Now that the house is demolished & on the ground, there is a giant pile of debris left. There will be sections of roofing, long boards, etc still intact. It is imperative that you spend time crushing all this debris up with the machine before it is loaded into dumpsters.

It is easy to crush the debris up! Simply grab it with the bucket & thumb, and crush it until the debris breaks into smaller pieces. Drop it to the side and repeat.

Once all the debris is reduced in volume, it is time to load up dumpsters. Take your time with this and be sure not to damage the dumpster with your excavator. Load the dumpsters scoop by scoop with the debris until a small pile is left that you cannot grab with the large excavator bucket.

Have 2 laborers clean up this small pile and load it into the last dumpster full of debris.

Foundation Removal & Backfill

Concrete Removal Demolition Contractor Wilkes-Barre, PA
Removing Concrete From A Foundation in Scranton, PA

Depending on the type of house you are demolishing and the area where you are located, there are multiple options for the foundation removal & backfill. Some houses don’t have a foundation and sit on a concrete slab, while others have a deep foundation into the ground.

In addition, certain areas allow you to use broken up parts of the foundation as backfill as long as no other structure will be built on this site. Other areas require all of the foundation material to be hauled away & disposed of.

As a rule of thumb, our demolition company always entirely removes the foundation & backfills the area with clean fill. For budget-conscious customers, we will reuse the foundation as fill but warn the customer of the downsides of doing this.

Hire A Professional Demolition Contractor

House Demolition Company in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania
Locally Owned Building Demolition Contractor

Does this sound like way too much work to handle yourself? As you can see, demolishing a structure has many more parts to it than simply knocking it down.

If you are located in the Scranton/Wilkes-Barre area and are seeking a demolition contractor, give A+ Enterprises a call! We provide all facets of demolition services including house demolition.

Other demolition services we provide include:

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