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How to Decide if a Pool Demolition is Right For You

Having a pool adds a significant amount of beauty to a home. However, keeping a well maintained pool can be expensive, exhausting, and time consuming. Over time the pool may not quite be what it used to be. If you’re pool has reached this point, you might be one of many homeowners who consider a pool demolition. Beyond the pursuit of a good looking yard comes the question of appraisal value. When looking to sell their house, many homeowners will take into consideration the condition of their pool.Our staff polled local Northeast Pennsylvania real estate agents about this question, and the answer practically always began with, “Well, it depends…”. There are so many factors involved with a house appraisal, it’s hard to give a direct answer to whether it’s better to keep or demolish the old pool. It depends on the area you live in, the size of the yard, the condition of the pool, and so on. For example, having a small yard with most of the space taken up by a pool, demolishing the pool would be in your best interest. Or if you live near elementary schools, a pool demolition could increase the value of your house, because the potential buyers, probably homeowners with children, prefer not to have a pool because of the liability involved.

Pool Demolition Benefits:

  • Less time and money spent on maintaining your pool
  • Increased yard space, giving more room for future landscaping projects
  • Pool demolition eliminates the hazards and liabilities of owning a pool
  • Can make your home easier to sell by expanding the number of potential buyers

Spa Removal and Jacuzzi Demolition

When considering a hot tub, spa, or jacuzzi demolition, you should contact A+ Enterprises demolition services. Our crews are expertly trained and equipped to handle any job. We are able to demolish hot tubs and spas from any home in Northeast Pennsylvania. If the jacuzzi is in a tight space it must be dismantled before it’s removed. We are able to cut it up with our special saws and then take the whole spa out of your yard. Our team also handles hot tub disposal and demolition junk removal. We clean everything up once we have completed the job. No trace of rubbish or demolition debris is left behind.If you are looking to reclaim your yard and need our pool demolition services, give us a call today. We remove indoor hot tubs as well. If you’re looking to make room for home renovations and need to get your jacuzzi removed, look no further. We run the best indoor spa demolition services in the entire Scranton/Wilkes-Barre area. We will help you to get your living area fixed up the way you want by demolishing and removing your old indoor hot tub. We are very careful when performing any type of indoor demolition service and ensure that your home will not be damaged during the process.

Different Forms of Pool Demolition

When demolishing your pool there are many things to consider. One of the most important, being your plans for the space after the pool is gone. Will you let the grass grow over and expand your backyard? Or do you plan to build onto your house, using the space the pool used to be to increase your square footage. Depending on how you would answer this question you would be looking at either partial or complete pool demolition. Each has their own advantages and price differences. Most importantly, complete pool demolition allows for future construction on the demolition site. Read on below to find out more about these two pool demolition services.

Complete Pool Demolition

A complete pool demolition is usually the type of work that people tend to have in mind when they first decide to have their swimming pool removed. It is exactly as it sounds, the entire pool is demolished. The process starts by using a bobcat machine to break up all of the concrete walls of the pool, then going down and doing the same to the floor. Once all of the material has been loosened it can be removed from the site, leaving a large empty hole where the pool used to be. Our demolition crew will then fill up the area with dirt and base material, and finally use a compactor to keep everything in place.Complete pool demolition is the ideal type of demolition work if you plan to build on the area after the pool is gone. Since every piece of the pool is demolished you are left with a solid foundation which makes it perfect for new construction. If future builds are part of your plan, you will have to choose a complete pool demolition. Partial pool demolition will not work for your situation, and most construction crews will refuse to build on top of an old pool unless it was completely demolished. Some homeowners choose a partial pool demolition and then need the site dug up and recompacted when they decide to build later. Complete pool demolition jobs tend to be a bit more expensive than partial pool demolition due to the amount of work involved, but can save you money in the long run and avoid the hassle of recompacting the site in the future.

Partial Pool Demolition

Partial pool demolition is very similar in practice to complete demolition, with just a few key differences. The tops of the walls are broken down and removed using a bobcat, and holes are punched in the bottom of the pool to prevent any water collection. The concrete floor of the pool is left in place and the whole area is filled with dirt and compacted. Leaving in part of the pool saves a significant amount of time and work, and is therefore a much cheaper way to demolish a pool.The only real drawback to a partial pool demolition is that you will not be able to build on the area in the future. Building on top of partially demolished pools is not an option because the land is deemed “non-buildable”. This is definitely something to consider when choosing which type of pool demolition is right for you. Partial pool demolition is ideal when you are looking to just remove the pool and leave a large open space, like a grass yard, in its place. With the great money saving benefits, we see many homeowners opting for partial pool demolition.Services offered but not limited to:

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