If you live in Northeast Pennsylvania and own a home over 50 years old, there is a good chance your garage may be in disrepair. Symptoms of a failing garage may be:

  • Roof caving in
  • Pest infestation
  • Rotting wood
  • Collapsing walls & beams
  • Crumbling concrete slab

Often times, we have found that insurance companies may require new policyholders to have their old garages demolished and removed before they will insure a policy.

Follow these simple steps to find out the best way to tear down and remove your old garage:

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Garage Demolition

Evaluate The Structure

Before beginning the demolition process, evaluate the garage in order to find the best place to start demolition. If demolishing the garage by hand, begin cutting the garage in the corner to weaken the structure.

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Collapse The Garage

If tearing the garage down by hand, cut out the bottom corner of the garage in order to collapse it. The easiest way to proceed is to cut a hole through the roof joists, tie a chain to the roof, and pull it down with a truck. At that point, you can begin cutting up the garage into smaller pieces.

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Now that the garage is collapsed and cut up, it is time to begin the cleanup! Renting a 40 yard dumpster should provide enough space for the entire garage to fit in, as long as it is packed in tightly. This process takes a long time, and is very labor-intensive!

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Total Costs & Tools

Demolishing a garage by yourself may seem to be the cheapest demolition option, but often-times can be somewhat expensive! Below is a breakdown of approximate costs involved in demolishing a garage, as well as tools needed to do the job yourself by hand.

  • $975 – 40 cubic yard dumpster with approximately 7-8 tons of demolition debris. Based on Northeast PA rates
  • $200 – Milwaukee Sawzall & pack of professional demolition blades
  • $150 – Sledgehammer, pickaxe, hammers, and crowbars
  • $300 – $100 to each laborer to assist for the day
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A+ Enterprises Demolition Services

Hire a professional

Does demolishing a garage by yourself sound time-consuming and difficult? Were the average costs a bit higher than expected? Call a fully licensed & insured garage demolition company that serves the Scranton/Wilkes-Barre area and all of Northeast Pennsylvania! Our costs are often-times comparable to doing it yourself, and we use our own heavy equipment and dumpsters to do the job quicker, safer, and more efficient than doing it yourself.

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