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Mobile Home Removal in Scranton & Wilkes Barre Areas

A+ Enterprises is the expert in Northeast Pennsylvania for removal of abandoned & unwanted mobile homes and trailers. There are over 10,000 abandoned mobile homes in Northeast Pennsylvania and surrounding communities alone!

Abandoned mobile homes decrease your property value, detract from your property, and pose a health hazard for curious kids. They also attract crime and animal infestations.

Mobile home trailers are more similar to cars than traditionally-built homes. What that means is unlike a house that generally increases in value & lasts a long time, a mobile home has an expiration date.

How long do mobile homes last?

Most mobile homes are inhabitable & safe from anywhere between 25-45 years. After that period of time, the floors will begin to rot out and compromise the integrity of the mobile home. After that time, the safest option is to demolish and remove the mobile home.

If you have a mobile home that needs to be demolished, there is only one phone call you will need to make. Contact A+ Enterprises Demolition Service, and within a few days there will be no evidence that a mobile home was ever there. We are a mobile home demolition service near you!

Services offered but not limited to:

How much does it cost to move a mobile home?

The average cost to move a mobile home in the Scranton/Wilkes-Barre area is over $8,000, plus lot fees of over $400 per month!

Many mobile homes are not worth the cost to relocate them to a new trailer park. Because of this, many mobile home owners are left wondering what to do with their mobile home.

A+ Enterprises is able to demolish the mobile home on-site, saving our customers time and money versus transporting it to a new location.

Mobile Home Demolition Cost

Many customers do not know this, but demolishing and removing a mobile home is the most cost-effective option they have when it comes to relocating versus demolishing a mobile home.

The cost to demolish a mobile home in Northeast Pennsylvania starts at roughly $4.50 per square foot. That price is all-inclusive for the permits, disconnects, demolition, cleanup, and disposal fees.

Variables that can alter the cost of the mobile home removal project include access to the mobile home, contents, and roofing/siding (asphalt, metal, wood, etc).

Can you Demolish a Mobile Home Yourself?

While we do not recommend demolishing a mobile home by yourself, it definitely can be done! We wrote an article on how to demolish a mobile home on our blog.

To sum up the article, it is possible to demolish a mobile home or trailer by renting a skid steer/excavator, dumpsters, and working for 1-2 days to demolish & clean up the site. After spending all the money to rent equipment and dumpsters, our fully licensed & insured demolition service can do it for close to the same price!

We own all of our equipment, so we do not have to pay rental companies for demolition equipment – saving you money.

Scranton, PA Mobile Home Demolition

Mobile Home Demolition Company

If you want an easy solution for mobile home demolition and removal, simply call A+ Enterprises Demolition. We take care of the entire process of removing your old mobile home or trailer – start to finish. We acquire any necessary permits, perform disconnects, call 811 for utility checks, demolish the mobile home, and clean up afterwards!

Our pricing includes all permit fees, demolition, disposal, hauling, and cleanup charges. In addition, we can give you a rough estimate for your mobile home removal project right over the phone!

No other demolition service specializes in mobile home removal like A+ Enterprises. Our company services the entire Scranton/Wilkes-Barre area, and we travel further for large mobile home removal projects! We have the demolition process down to a science, which saves our customers both time and money.

Free Mobile Home Demolition Estimate

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Mobile Home Demolition FAQs

What does mobile home demolition cost?

The average cost to demolish & remove an empty 14x70 trailer home is approximately $4.50 per square foot plus permits.

Does my mobile home need to be empty?

Your mobile home trailer does not need to be empty for us to demolish it. We charge extra to clear out the mobile home for you.

Can I haul my mobile home to the dump?

Unfortunately, many mobile homes are not structurally stable enough to be hauled to a landfill. The best & most cost-effective option is to demolish it.

What is the scrap value of a mobile home?

The average scrap value of an old mobile home is only $250 between the steel, aluminum, and copper.