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Removing scrap metal in Scranton, Pennsylvania

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Scranton/Wilkes-Barre Scrap Metal Removal

Removing & recycling scrap metal is often-times a more difficult and dangerous project than originally anticipated. When you need to get rid of old scrap metal, call A+ Enterprises. Our professional & insured junk removal crews know exactly how to remove old scrap metal – all at a great price!

Metal Recyclers

  • Iron, steel, copper, aluminum, brass, stainless, and more
  • I-Beams, wires, and other metal construction debris
  • Plumbing fixtures, cast iron tubs & sinks, and other renovation debris
  • Any unwanted metal junk

How much money is scrap metal worth?

Scrap metal hauling can be a dangerous task if not done correctly. Let’s take an example, of a homeowner wanting to recycle an old stove to get cash for metal scrap.

The homeowner will first need to remove & lug the old stove out of the house. This requires a helper, and old stoves can be EXTREMELY heavy. Next, he will need a way to get the stove to the scrap metal recycling center.

The homeowner and a helper load the stove into the back of the minivan, scratching the paint & interior trim in the process. After driving 10 miles to the scrap metal dealer, the homeowner unloads the stove and cashes in!

The stove weighed 500lbs and the price per gross ton from Weitsman of Scranton is $140. Total take home pay: $32. Let’s break down the profitability of scrapping items yourself.

  • Helper for 1.5 hours: $20
  • Fuel to/from the scrap yard: $15
  • Damage to vehicle: $80
  • Potential for injury: High
    Total cost: $115

As you can see, the COST to recycle an old stove yourself is more than 3 times more than the scrap value of the stove itself. Call a professional junk removal company and let us take care of it for you.

Scrap Metal Removal Prices

The benefit of scrap metal is that it is 100% recyclable! Not only is this great for the environment, but it is great for your wallet as well. When removing & recycling scrap metal, we are able to discount our load price by over 50% on average.

This means you are able to get rid of more junk for less money – all while helping save our environment. A+ Enterprises is the only locally owned company in the Scranton/Wilkes-Barre area that is fully licensed & insured for full-service scrap metal removal.

Our pricing for scrap metal pickup starts at just $99, which includes all the labor, hauling, and disposal associated with your project. Call us today for a free scrap metal pickup estimate.

The Problem With Free Scrap Metal Removal

Once upon a time, fuel was cheap and the price for scrap metal was sky high. People scoured the roads looking for anything made of metal to cash it in at the scrap yard for a solid payday. Some people made over $1,000 per day simply picking up scrap appliances!

Unfortunately due to the global economic conditions we are currently in, the price of scrap metal has decreased significantly. This is why when you look up “free scrap metal removal near me”, you won’t find hardly anybody offering that service anymore.

With that said, there is still some value in old scrap metal. This is why we offer a small discount if there is a large amount of scrap metal that we are removing. In addition, our company is fully licensed & insured to protect you and your property in case of any potential damage.

A+ Enterprises specializes in all sorts of junk removal in Scranton, PA including:

Scrap Metal Pickup Near Me

A+ Enterprises is the Scranton/Wilkes-Barre area’s best scrap haulers. Regardless of what you have to be removed, we can disassemble it, cut it up, and haul it away. We have some of the best pricing in the area.

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Why Hire A+ Enterprises Junk Removal?

  1. We are a family-owned, local junk removal service. Supporting small businesses instead of franchises helps strengthen our local economy in Northeast Pennsylvania which benefits us all.
  2. Our junk hauling company provides free estimates for every junk removal job. Before removing your items, one of our background-checked junk removal crew members will give you an upfront price for everything you would like removed.
  3. We have been in business for 7 years, which means our junk removal company has more experience and resources than newer companies. We have some of the best junk removal prices in the area, without sacrificing any quality!
  4. A+ Enterprises has successfully completed junk removal projects ranging from a single recliner to full-blown hoarding cleanouts. We have more trucks, employees, and equipment than any company in the area allowing us to work more efficiently – saving you time and money!

Here’s How Our Simple Scrap Metal Removal Service Works

Junk Removal NEPA

Book your no-obligation appointment.
Get started by booking an appointment online or call us at 570-373-9996. We offer scrap metal pickup 7 days a week – day and night. Our friendly, uniformed junk removal team will call you 15-30 minutes before your scheduled 2 hour arrival window.

Luzerne County Junk Removal

Upfront and accurate pricing.
When we arrive, just point to the scrap metal you want removed and our hard working team will provide you with an upfront, all-inclusive price. (If the junk load is less than expected, we gladly reduce the price!)

House Cleanout Services NEPA

Junk removal process begins. 
We load all the scrap metal you want removed into our truck, and finish by cleaning up the area at no additional charge!

Junk Removal Pricing

Proper disposal of junk. 
We do our best to donate and recycle as much of the junk as we can. We work with local charities, recyclers, and churches to ensure your trash can possibly become someone else’s treasure.

Scrap Metal Removal FAQs

Do you charge for scrap metal removal?

Like all junk removal services, we do charge for scrap metal removal. The reason for this is while scrap metal does have some value, our costs of insurance & employees are higher than the value of the scrap. With that said, we do heavily discount loads of scrap to be removed.

What types of scrap metal do you take?

Not only do we remove basic scrap metal such as tin, iron, shelving, etc. but large items as well. We can even remove old scrap heavy machinery and cars from your property!

What is scrap metal worth?

Glad you asked! Scrap metal is worth approximately $.05/pound as of 1/1/2020. For example, that means that 1 ton of scrap metal (what we can fit in one of our dumpsters) is worth approximately $110.

  • 5 star review  I had called them to remove an old couch.. not only did they accommodate at a reasonable rate, they had it removed within hours!! Called 2-3 different places, tied prices w 2, however the customer service was phenomenal!! HIGHLY RECOMMEND!! Thank you so much again!!

    thumb Jennifer Mieczkowski

    5 star review  Very professional and efficient. Came on short notice. Very nice guys. Extremely good job done swiftly.

    thumb Julianne Cusick

    5 star review  Kyle and Joe were wonderful! Very efficient process. I called and gave brief information to a very professional person. They came out the next day. Wiped their feet, quoted me a very fair price, and removed my furniture. I’m very pleased with their service and friendliness. I will definitely recommend them to my family and friends! Meredith R. They did such a good job yesterday that I called them back again today for more revival. They’re very fast, efficient, easy to work with and professional. Joe and Kyle came both days and we’re incredibly polite and thoughtful in what was a hard situation for me. Bravo A+ Enterprises! Repeat business speaks for itself. Meredith R.

    thumb Meredith Rynkiewicz
  • 5 star review  I was looking for someone to haul away some things from a home remodeling project. I called A Plus and within 10 minutes I received an email and was able to call the owner right away. He sent his crew out the next day and took care of my hauling needs with a great price. I cannot tell you how pleased I am at the prompt, courteous service I received from both the owner and the crew. I highly recommend them. Mary Gadomski

    thumb gadomski

    5 star review  EXTREMELY PLEASANT AND PROFESSIONAL! Gave them a call to remove some old furniture and assorted boxes of junk. They said the had a crew in my area the next morning and could be here at 9am. Arrived right at 9 on the dot and got straight to work. They battled through all my cobwebs and work quick and efficiently. No trouble or damage from moving some big items in narrow areas. The price they quoted was great value for all the work they did. I have already and will continue to HIGHLY recommend them.

    thumb Michael Machion

    5 star review  Professional Service and Very Affordable. Fast and Efficient. I highly recommend.

    thumb Doug Fedor
  • 5 star review  Hard working guys got the job done in one day. I recently bought a foreclose property and have A+ Enterprises help do the clean up. Its a 3 bedroom house full of junk, and everything was gone at the end of the day. Image a house hoarders live in, 3 bedrooms, each with bed, dressers, night stand, TV and many other trash, you do not want to be in the room more than 1 minute. Kitchen full of dirty dishes, appliances and dining table with chairs. At the end of the day, whatever not bolted down was gone, including most of the nasty carpet. I will definitely use their service again. Great service and the hard working people.

    thumb Calvin L

    5 star review  Sal and his team are amazing! They came and did a clean out the same day I called. They are honest, flexible, quick, and professional. They are worth every penny they charge. I wouldn't consider calling anyone else. Ryan K.

    thumb R K

    5 star review  EXTREMELY PLEASANT AND PROFESSIONAL! Gave them a call to remove some old furniture and assorted boxes of junk. They said the had a crew in my area the next morning and could be here at 9am. Arrived right at 9 on the dot and got straight to work. They battled through all my cobwebs and work quick and efficiently. No trouble or damage from moving some big items in narrow areas. The price they quoted was great value for all the work they did. I have already and will continue to HIGHLY recommend them.

    thumb Michael Machion
  • 5 star review  The A+ Crew led by Joe G were very courteous and professional. I highly recommend A+ without any hesitation

    thumb Joe McDonald

    5 star review  The price was amazing and the workers were professional. They completed the job within a short period of time and I’m having them come back for more work. Thanks A plus

    thumb Maurice Oates

    5 star review  Fantastic customer service. Sal was on time, very responsive to messages and professional. The price for the dumpster was very reasonable also. I have had issues with other junk removal companies in the past and wish I had found them sooner. I will definitely use them again in the future.

    thumb Erin G
  • 5 star review  Three men came and took everything I wanted to get rid of. They were professional and very nice. I couldn't have asked for a better experience. Thank you. I'll be calling again.

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    5 star review  Very nice to deal with. Showed up promptly. Worked throughout the entire day. Did a fabulous job! Would highly recommend.

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    5 star review  Great company! They were able to come quickly on short notice. Excellent pricing. We added a bit from our initial quote and the cost changed very reasonably. Communication was quick, clear, and professional. Definitely recommend!!

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