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    Everybody has something to get rid of, whether it’s a stain-covered sofa or a pile of debris created by the latest DIY weekend adventure. All you want is for the junk to be gone, but curbside bulk pickupcan’t handle the size or volume of whatever you have. Between full-service junk removal vs dumpster rental, one of these represents your best solution. Junk removal can feel like waving a magic wand over your trash, while some situations really call for a dumpster. Dumpster rental allows for you to collect the junk over the course of a few days or more. You can get either service you need from A+ Enterprises, the #1 rated junk hauling service in the Scranton/Wilkes-Barre area. Whether you want our affordable dumpster rental or our famous crew of junk haulers to do the lifting for you, we have you covered. Let’s compare junk removal and dumpster rental to see which suits your current needs. Feel free to call or text us at 570-373-9996 for a free quote to help you decide.

    When to Choose Dumpster Rental

    Dumpster rentals are best suited to ongoing projects. Perhaps you need to clean out a relative’s house and the process will involve sorting through what to keep and what to throw away. Or maybe you are remodeling a bathroom and need a junk dumpster rental to collect the old debris and waste while you work. The most likely reasons that dumpster rental is right for you:
    • You need to take your time because a home improvement or cleaning project will create debris over the course of several days.
    • You need to get rid of a large amount of small debris that will fill half or more of a dumpster.
    • The customer isn’t sure when the project will be finished so you need an open-ended dumpster rental rather than a one-time pickup.

    When to Choose Junk Removal Service

    Junk Removal is a popular dumpster rental alternative. Oftentimes, no explanation is really necessary for junk removal. You want to point to the trash and let somebody else do the dirty work. Who wants to carry a refrigerator up and out of a basement? Many items can be downright dangerous to carry if you don’t have the muscle power. Junk removal services are easier on you, and safer for your property. We do all the heavy lifting & loading, and you don’t need to impose on friends and neighbors for favors. The main reasons to choose junk removal rather than a dumpster rental in Wilkes-Barre, PA:
    • The customer wants or needs help with lifting and carrying, especially for heavy items like appliances and furniture removal.
    • You want a fast junk removal service to get rid of everything all at once.
    • You only have a small number of items that would not fill up half of a dumpster rental or more (e.g. an old freezer or sofa).
    • The customer doesn’t have a driveway or space for a dumpster rental. Our dumpsters are designed to be driveway-friendly, but sometimes you really just need your junk hauled away by a truck.
    • You have a large cleanout such as an estate or office cleanout. A junk removal service can provide all the labor & hauling on a large project. This saves time & money versus attempting it yourself.

    Junk Removal Company Pros and Cons

    The most important consideration when contemplating on renting a dumpster vs hiring a junk removal service is time. We offer our junk removal services at a competitive price! Our junk hauling company does all the work for you so you can relax! Let your free time be used for something enjoyable, instead of loading up your junk into dumpsters.
    Junk Removal Service Scranton, PA
    Scranton Junk Hauling Company

    Costs of Dumpster Rental vs Junk Removal

    The pricing works a bit differently for renting a dumpster and junk removal, so one option may be more cost-effective for the other. The answer mostly depends on how much junk you have. At A+ Enterprises, we price our full-service junk removal based on how much volume your junk will take up in our truck. You get a fair price that covers any recycling fees or disposal fees and all the labor involved. We give free junk removal estimates, and will quote you a 100% accurate price. So, junk hauling services can actually cost less if your estimate comes in below that dumpster company minimum charge. The dumpster rental can be more cost-effective in some other cases. An example of this would be if your family and friends can provide free labor. Our junk removal pricing is lower than franchises, with a higher level of customer service. There is no better junk hauling company in the Scranton/Wilkes-Barre area than A+ Enterprises Junk Removal.

    A+ Enterprises Has Options for Dumpster Rental AND Junk Removal in Scranton/Wilkes-Barre

    The best part of choosing a junk removal service in the Scranton/Wilkes-Barre area is we do all the work for you! Nobody wants to waste their entire weekend loading their junk into a dumpster. The cost of junk removal is similar to renting a dumpster. The reason is that we provide the labor AND hauling services, which saves you money! Not only that, but because we are master junk haulers we can complete your hauling project much quicker than you can yourself. So not only are you saving money, but you are getting your entire weekend back by letting us do the junk removal work. Either way, you can enjoy great customer service and our eco-friendly recycling solutions when you choose A+ Enterprises for full-service junk removal or affordable dumpster rental. As the #1 rated junk removal company in the Scranton/Wilkes-Barre area, we do what it takes to ensure customer satisfaction. We show up on time for appointments, provide fair written estimates without surprise fees, and we even guarantee the lowest written quote for junk removal.

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    Request A Free Dumpster Rental Alternative Estimate

      Call: 570-373-9996

      • 5 star review  I was looking for someone to haul away some things from a home remodeling project. I called A Plus and within 10 minutes I received an email and was able to call the owner right away. He sent his crew out the next day and took care of my hauling needs with a great price. I cannot tell you how pleased I am at the prompt, courteous service I received from both the owner and the crew. I highly recommend them. Mary Gadomski

        thumb gadomski
        June 4, 2020

        5 star review  Requested a free estimate and they called me back in seconds! They were much more affordable than other big name companies in the area and provided service the day I requested. The movers were friendly and awesome! They moved out my awful bulky sofa with no issues! Absolutely would recommend to anyone! They are efficient and completely organized!

        thumb Jennifer Kobeski
        April 6, 2019

        5 star review  This is an excellent company to deal with. I highly recommend! They were punctual, friendly and communicative throughout the entire process. From the first call, to the estimate, to the contract details, to start day/time, to what to expect day of and clean up day. It is very hard to find this level of customer service anymore! We hired them to tear down an old cinderblock/wood garage. It was right on the property line and didn’t have much room for error. A+ took the garage down no problem and did a great job with haul away and cleanup. You can tell they know their stuff. Sal always returned calls and emails. We got a fair price and a job well done! I definitely recommend and would work with them again if the need ever arises.

        thumb Alura B
        April 14, 2021
      • 5 star review  I got a 100% accurate estimate from the owner and he dispatched a crew to clean out my house the next day (!). The guys were professional and very nice and personable, making a tough situation much easier to handle. Moreover, they worked until the job was done way over my expectations. This company has the best prices in our area and they are complete pros. I would recommend them to anyone...don't hesitate and call A+ first! They will be my first call in the future!

        thumb Daryl Williams
        September 26, 2018

        5 star review  Top notch. I called and spoke with a Guy named Sal. Very friendly and excellent Customer Service, 100%. I was set up in minutes. The pricing was great. Delivered it next day. When it was time for pick up I advised that I would be working and not able to hear the door so just knock hard. I went out on my Lunch break wondering what the heck? And the Dumpster was gone. Great service. Great Price. I called about 6 Dumpster Rental places and of all of them, A+ Was definitely the best and Props to Sal. Great Service. Truly is A+

        thumb Baby Cakes
        June 10, 2020

        5 star review  I would highly recommend them they did a great job and the men were very hardworking and very nice I intend to get them back for more at another time

        thumb Regina Pokrifka
        August 11, 2020
      • 5 star review  Fantastic customer service. Sal was on time, very responsive to messages and professional. The price for the dumpster was very reasonable also. I have had issues with other junk removal companies in the past and wish I had found them sooner. I will definitely use them again in the future.

        thumb Erin G
        October 17, 2019

        5 star review  Sal was great to work with. I was so stressed about a large deck in the back of my house that was collapsing. Sal came right over and gave me a very fair price and two days later the job was done. And a really good job. He even hauled away a piece of junk for me at the last minute. I highly recommend this company and plan to use them again as the need arises

        thumb Pam cortese
        April 10, 2019

        5 star review  Amazing customer service!! Very nice people and easy to work with. Will definitely use again!

        thumb Tracey Koonrad
        December 14, 2020
      • 5 star review  Sal and his team are amazing! They came and did a clean out the same day I called. They are honest, flexible, quick, and professional. They are worth every penny they charge. I wouldn't consider calling anyone else. Ryan K.

        thumb R K
        March 8, 2019

        5 star review  Professional Service and Very Affordable. Fast and Efficient. I highly recommend.

        thumb Doug Fedor
        August 25, 2020

        5 star review  Very professional and efficient. Came on short notice. Very nice guys. Extremely good job done swiftly.

        thumb Julianne Cusick
        May 27, 2019
      • 5 star review  I can't say enough about Sal. He was very patient, knowledgeable, and went out of his way to ensure my company was taken care of. I absolutely recommend anyone to use this company. They get in and out very quickly and offer a great price. They also stick to their word which is very rare now-a-days!

        thumb Mark Van Dyke
        October 25, 2019

        5 star review  I had called them to remove an old couch.. not only did they accommodate at a reasonable rate, they had it removed within hours!! Called 2-3 different places, tied prices w 2, however the customer service was phenomenal!! HIGHLY RECOMMEND!! Thank you so much again!!

        thumb Jennifer Mieczkowski
        January 22, 2021

        5 star review  The 3 man crew did a fantastic job in clearing out and disposing of several large and small items that still remained after a 2 day estate sale. Items removed included beds and mattresses, 3 couches, bedroom chest of drawers, old refrigerator and electric stove, computer desk, old and very heavy television, several tools plus much more.Very courteous workers and owner was great to work with. Highly recommend and you won’t be disappointed.

        thumb Rich Winslow
        August 21, 2019


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