Pool Removal Scranton PA
Removing a pool in Scranton, PA

With spring now upon us, you may be considering opening the pool that is in your backyard. Many above-ground pools have a lifespan of 20 years, and after that can become problematic. If you realize that your pool is ready to get removed, continue reading to find out how simple it is to demolish a pool.

Get Pumping

Pool Removal Wilkes-Barre PA
Pumping out an old pool

The first step in demolishing an above ground pool is to pump it out! Typically, the easiest way to do this is to rent a trash pump from a rental company. We recommend renting a 3″ trash pump, as smaller pumps take exponentially longer to pump out a pool. Typically, this rental cost is $50 for the day. It is important to note where you are draining the pool water to, as pools hold thousands of gallons of water and can easily flood a street or neighbor’s yard!

Begin Cutting

Above Ground Pool Removal
Cutting up old pool

Now that the pool is empty, the next step is to begin cutting the old pool up. The best tool to use is a reciprocating saw, or “Sawzall”. Purchase a pack of good-quality metal cutting blades and safety glasses to make sure you have the right tools for the job. Cut the pool into 6 or 7 sections, that are small and light enough to load into a truck when finished.

Once the pool is cut up, the next step is to remove the liner. Pool liners can get very heavy, and cannot be taken out with household trash. Typically, you will need to rent a dumpster or hire a junk removal company to haul the liner and other debris away.


Pool Removal Scranton PA
Filling in a pool

Once the pool has been drained and cut up, the next part is the most important – cleaning up! The metal from the pool frame & sides can be taken to a scrap yard and you can expect to receive roughly $50 in scrap value for the metal. As stated previously, the liner will need to be hauled to a landfill yourself, or placed in a dumpster or hauled away by a junk removal service.

Once the area is clear, there may be a low spot in area where the pool sat. Typically, 5-10 tons of topsoil will fill in the area so you can plant grass over it.

Hire the Professionals

Does this sound like a lot of work for you? For a homeowner to complete this project, it will take a full day of work for 2 people, and incur approximately $250-500 in expenses depending on certain factors.

Hiring a company such as A+ Enterprises Demolition Service may be a better option, as most of our above ground pool demolition & removal projects are under $1,000 and we do all the work and removing the items for you! We serve the Scranton/Wilkes-Barre area and all of Northeast PA.

Call us today to find out how much money and time you can save!