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Dumpster Rental in Scranton, PA

If you are undertaking a spring cleaning project, there is a good chance you will have a lot of junk to throw away. There are many different options to get rid of your trash, but today we will be discussing options for dumpster rental.

If you go on Google and search for “Dumpster rental companies in Scranton, PA, you will find dozens of companies to rent a dumpster from. A thrifty customer will call every single one of them and compare prices, and obviously go with the cheapest dumpster company.

While renting the cheapest dumpster you can find sounds like a good idea to save money, it can cost you more in the long run.

Why shouldn’t I go with the cheapest dumpster company?

There are some hauling companies in the area that entice customers with dumpster rental prices as low as $150! You have to ask yourself, how do they make money with prices that low? The answer is overage fees.

What happens, is some dumpster companies will quote you a price that includes only 1000 pounds of weight. When you go over that low weight limit, you are billed up to $135 per ton! That cheap dumpster rental just turned into an expensive lesson.

Another reason not to go with the cheapest company is good ol’ fashioned customer service. The saying “you get what you pay for” stands true even in the dumpster business.

For example, let’s say you call cheap dumpster company and request a dumpster to be dropped between 10am and 12pm on Tuesday. Now it is 3pm with no dumpster in-sight. You call the office and explain that you are waiting for a dumpster, and it is costing you money to wait because you are paying employees or have taken a day off from work.

The person on the phone may give you attitude, and no resolution for your problem. Look at reviews before deciding which dumpster rental service to go with!

Locations Served

When we were starting out, we found that some dumpster rental companies do not service the Wilkes-Barre area, and others don’t service the Scranton area.

When searching for a dumpster service, it is important to know that they will be able to get your container where you need it, when you need it there.

Quick Turnaround

Finally, one of the most important items to note when comparing dumpster services is how fast they can get you a dumpster, and how fast they can pick it up.

It is no fun sitting on a 1-2 week wait list to get your dumpster delivered. It is even less fun to wait the same amount of time to have it picked up and dumped!

A good, reliable dumpster rental company should be able to get you a dumpster within 24-48 hours of calling. Picking up the dumpster should be able to be done within 24 hours of calling as well. We have heard horror stories of customers who had a dumpster sit in their driveway for MONTHS without being picked up!

Wilkes-Barre, PA dumpster rental company
Dumpster Rental Company in Wilkes-Barre, PA

The Best Dumpster Rental Company

If you are tired of messing around with bad customer service, shady pricing, and long wait times, give A+ Enterprises a call! We rent dumpsters in the Scranton and Wilkes-Barre areas, and have the best customer service in the area.

We do things differently. For example, we always ask what you are doing with the dumpster, so we can best service you. If you are doing a small cleanout, we will include only 1 ton of weight to save you money.

If you are doing a demolition or removing heavy material, we will include up to 4 tons of weight to save you from any surprise dump bills!

A+ Enterprises offers same-day dumpster delivery and pickup services. Are we the cheapest dumpster rental service? Absolutely not. With that said, we offer the best value, customer service, and turnaround time.

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    • 5 star review  Hired A Plus Enterprises last year to remove some old pool equipment, old yard equipment, and old furniture from my house. There timing, professionalism, and reasonable pricing was overwhelmingly amazing. Great job and look forward to hiring you again!

      thumb Ryan Croughn

      5 star review  Great company! They were able to come quickly on short notice. Excellent pricing. We added a bit from our initial quote and the cost changed very reasonably. Communication was quick, clear, and professional. Definitely recommend!!

      thumb Kelly Stevens

      5 star review  The A+ Crew led by Joe G were very courteous and professional. I highly recommend A+ without any hesitation

      thumb Joe McDonald
    • 5 star review  Can’t thank the guy we spoke to enough! He was wonderful to us! We were in a last minute crunch to get rid of stuff and he worked with us and even went way out of his way to accommodate our needs! He truly has great customer support and was beyond generous! Can’t thank this awesome company enough! It meant a lot to us!! We highly recommend!

      thumb Kaitlyn Szorady

      5 star review  AMAZING!!! 30 years of junk in a HUGE truck garage. We could not have done this job without A+ Enterprises. Thanks to Sal, Joe and the entire staff. I've never met in this day and age such HARD WORKERS!!! Also extremely polite and professional. I HIGHLY recommend this company to everyone. My rating is A+++++++++++

      thumb Bunny Degilio

      5 star review  This is an excellent company to deal with. I highly recommend! They were punctual, friendly and communicative throughout the entire process. From the first call, to the estimate, to the contract details, to start day/time, to what to expect day of and clean up day. It is very hard to find this level of customer service anymore! We hired them to tear down an old cinderblock/wood garage. It was right on the property line and didn’t have much room for error. A+ took the garage down no problem and did a great job with haul away and cleanup. You can tell they know their stuff. Sal always returned calls and emails. We got a fair price and a job well done! I definitely recommend and would work with them again if the need ever arises.

      thumb Alura B
    • 5 star review  Excellent communication starting from the first call through our entire demolition project. Answered the phone and responded to emails and texts promptly. Got the job done quickly and efficiently. Highly recommend A+ Enterprises.

      thumb Michelle Pennington

      5 star review  I would highly recommend them they did a great job and the men were very hardworking and very nice I intend to get them back for more at another time

      thumb Regina Pokrifka

      5 star review  They cleaned out my grandmas house today in under 6 hours. And we had a lot of stuff! Friendly guys and great work!! Definitely recommend.

      thumb Grace Baker
    • 5 star review  EXTREMELY PLEASANT AND PROFESSIONAL! Gave them a call to remove some old furniture and assorted boxes of junk. They said the had a crew in my area the next morning and could be here at 9am. Arrived right at 9 on the dot and got straight to work. They battled through all my cobwebs and work quick and efficiently. No trouble or damage from moving some big items in narrow areas. The price they quoted was great value for all the work they did. I have already and will continue to HIGHLY recommend them.

      thumb Michael Machion

      5 star review  Very professional. Very polite. Efficient. I will use this company again. Prices were reasonable.

      thumb Mary Jane Meaney

      5 star review  A+ Enterprise . . .gave an accurate estimate. . .did a PROFESSIONAL job. . .the team was "on-time" completed the work on schedule. . . very easy to work with. . . Highly Recommend!

      thumb Wes Coates
    • 5 star review  Omg you guys were very efficient and did such a n amazing job cleaning out all the junk our tenants left behind. Very friendLy staff and you’re pricing was very reasonable for all that you guys did. Thank you so much. Keep up the awesome work!! Highly recommend!!

      thumb Jon Mcleod

      5 star review  Very promote service. They came exactly on time for the appointment and I did not have to left a finger. I lost the invoice for the services and received a quick response and delivery for that as well. If you looking for reasonable priced service with a smile A+ is the way to go. Also to add I have used multiple junk companies and they by far are the best.

      thumb Kimberly Marriott

      5 star review  I highly recommend A+ Enterprises. Sal the owner called and was great. Joe and Richard were prompt, efficient, honest, respectful, kind and took their time listening to what I wanted done. They really went above and beyond to make sure I was satisfied. I couldn't believe they came, did the estimate started the job and were out of my house in under two hours! And I had lots of stuff to get rid!!! I will DEFINITELY recommend to others and use again. Thanks for a job well done!

      thumb Lou Ann Naughton