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Construction Debris Removal Scranton, PA
Construction Debris Removal Services Scranton, PA

As many people know, there are thousands of junk removal companies in the United States. Some are very large operations with dozens of trucks and employees, and others are a single truck operation. There are very big differences in the price, level of service, and what the junk removal services are most efficient at doing.

National Franchises

The most well-known junk removal service in the world is 1800 GOT-JUNK. They provide a high level of service, and work in every city in the country. With that level of service comes at a cost, though.

An average 15 yard truckload for that national company can cost over $700! That works out to roughly $47 per cubic yard of items to be removed and disposed of. With that high price though, comes a level of service that many smaller operations cannot compete with.

Same day service, professional uniformed crews, and clean trucks all help justify their pricing. GOT-JUNK excels at single item pickup, up to a truckload of items to be removed, as their logistics allows for them to be efficient with their pickups.

There are some downsides, though with hiring a large company such as GOT-JUNK. One thing they are not great with is large house and business cleanouts. Their trucks are smaller than a company such as A+ Enterprises Junk Removal, so they require more loads and more time to get a job done. This costs the customer more both time and money versus a competitor who specializes in estate & house cleanouts.

One other downside to any national franchise is the lack of other services they provide. Many times, customers may need a shed or garage demolished, and would like for one company to clean out the shed and tear it down. None of the large franchises are licensed or insured to do demolition work, so a smaller, more flexible company may be the best option for having everything done.

The Junk Man

Cheap Junk Removal Services

On the other side of the coin, is the “Junk Man”. The “Junk Man” is often-times a single person and a pickup truck, who will haul away your junk cheaper than anyone else. The sole benefit to the “Junk Man” is their prices are extremely low, due to having no insurance, employees, professional trucks, etc.

With that said, there are often-times more downsides to the “Junk Man” than there are upsides. These solo operators are only able to haul 4 cubic yards of items away at a time, on average. This ends up driving up the cost for large cleanouts significantly, as well as takes the most amount of time than any other option.

We often hear horror stories of how the cheapest junk removal service gets in trouble by disposing of items in the woods instead of disposing of junk properly at a landfill or recycling center.

Another Option | Scranton/Wilkes-Barre Junk Removal

A+ Enterprises Junk Removal services all of Northeast Pennsylvania and the Scranton/Wilkes-Barre area. A+ is currently the largest locally owned junk removal company in the area, and has a fleet of trucks and dump trailers that can handle any-sized project.

Our pricing is often-times 30% less than the national competitors, and we still provide the same level of service. All of our employees are background checked and uniformed, and our trucks are clean and more than twice as large as GOT-JUNK’s.

Since we have more employees and larger trucks than any of our competitors, we are able to get jobs done faster and less expensive. Imagine “Junk Man” pricing, with a level of service even better than a national franchise!

As well as providing junk removal services, A+ Enterprises is fully licensed and insured to provide demolition services to all of Northeast Pennsylvania and surrounding communities. We demolish mobile homes, garages, sheds, porches, decks, patios, small structures, and more! We are your one stop shop for making ANYTHING disappear!

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