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When dealing with a professional junk removal service, the two most common trucks that are used are box trucks and dump trucks. These trucks both have their pros and cons, and this article will explain each of them.

Box Trucks for Junk Removal

The typical box truck ranges in size between 25 and 45 cubic yards, although large ones can be over 80 cubic yards. The typical dump truck ranges in size between 12 and 20 cubic yards. An average house cleanout (furniture, appliances, clothes, living room set, kitchen set, etc.) will require 1 to 2 box trucks, depending on the amount of items being removed. When using dump trucks, that number can jump to 4 or 5 truckloads.

Certain types of trucks are best suited for certain areas. Cities, for example, thrive with small dump trucks because there are typically numerous “transfer stations” nearby where the trucks can dump their items. In more rural areas, there are no transfer stations and landfills can be up to one or more hours away! Therefore, in rural areas such as Scranton/Wilkes-Barre, it is important to maximize the amount of items in each load. In those situations, a box truck is many times the best option due to it being able to haul over twice as much junk as a dump truck.

One downside to junk hauling with a box truck is small debris. We have found that during basement & garage cleanouts especially, box trucks make life very difficult. Basements and garages are loaded with small items. These items are then dumped in the box trucks, creating a “mountain” of debris. This debris can slide down, and you can only fill about half the box truck before it all rolls out. Unloading this debris mountain can also be a difficult and time consuming process. We have found that using box trucks for furniture removal during house cleanouts is the best usage of their space.

15 yard dump truck | National Competitors

Junk Removal Truckload Pricing

Professional junk removal services have a base-rate per truckload of items that they charge to remove. This price typically does not include additional services such as bagging, heavy items, and electronics. With that said, many national competitors charge $700 for a 15 yard dump truck load of items. In Northeast Pennsylvania, local junk removal companies charge $700 for a 30 yard box truck load. That is $10 per cubic yard cheaper than dump trucks, and is possible due to the efficiency of taking twice the amount of items at the same time.

One drawback with box trucks is the time it takes to unload them. With a dump truck, one person can go to the landfill or transfer station and unload the truck with a push of a button. With box trucks, it takes a 2-person team 30-40 minutes on average to push all the items out of the back of the truck. That is why our junk removal service uses both box trucks and dump trucks on large cleanouts. Doing that allows us to haul the most amount of items as efficiently as possible.

Junk Removal Alternatives

While we just mentioned the two most popular methods of junk removal services, there are other ways that your junk can be hauled away.

  1. Pickup Truck
  2. Dump Trailer

Pickup Truck Junk Removal

Junk hauling services in Northeast Pennsylvania
Cheap Junk Removal

The pickup truck is the favorite method of “cheap” junk removal. This is because many people already have pickup trucks, so there is a very low barrier to entry into the junk removal business. The benefit to using a person with a pickup truck is they are cheaper than most competitors. A downside to pickup truck junk removal services is that they are small, and can only hold approximately 4 cubic yards of debris.

Dump Trailer Junk Removal

Scranton Junk Removal Services
Dump Trailer Junk Removal

The least popular, but often-times most flexible option is dump trailer junk removal. Dump trailers are very versatile, in the fact that they can hold 12-40 yards of items depending on size, and can haul tremendous amounts of weight. Where dump trucks can only haul 2-3 tons of items before they are overloaded, most dump trailers can haul 5-7 tons of junk! This means that dump trailers are great for concrete removal, debris cleanup, and demolition cleanup jobs. They also dump, which makes unloading extremely easy.

The only downsides to dump trailer junk removal is that they often-times cannot fit into tight spaces. If the driver of the truck and dump trailer is inexperienced, backing the trailer into driveways, alleys, yards, etc. can become a challenge. This is why it is important to ask your junk removal company what type of truck/trailer they use to haul your junk away before you agree to the project!

The Best Junk Removal Service

Northeast Pennsylvania Junk Removal A+ Enterprises
Scranton/Wilkes-Barre Junk Removal Company

Now that we have explained the pros and cons of each type of junk removal service/vehicle, you can clearly see that some setups are better than others depending on the type of junk removal project there is. A+ Enterprises Junk Removal uses ALL these types of trucks/trailers, to custom-fit for your job! This means that we are able to provide the most cost-effective, time saving, and efficient option for every type of junk removal project.

We have expanded our fleet to also introduce Switch-N-Go trucks. Our junk removal company currently has two of these trucks, which allow for the versatility of a small dump truck and the hauling capacity of a rolloff dumpster truck. Another benefit is when we fill a dumpster on a house cleanout junk removal, we just switch it out for an empty one which speeds up our junk removal process.

Switch N Go Truck for Junk Removal
Switch-N-Go Truck for Junk Removal

We understand that every junk removal project is different, which is why we maintain a fleet of box trucks, dump trucks, pickup trucks, and dump trailers to serve the Scranton/Wilkes-Barre area and all of Northeast Pennsylvania!

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